FEA modeling and testing of electronic and electro-optical devices. When brought in early on a project, we can assist in the knowledge and design of a product to meet harsh vibration and shock requirements. Duval Research has experience in designing and ruggedizing PC boards from VME boards to be used in military helicopters to >14,000 pin flex sensitive backplanes.

  Reports of analysis also include a primer and recommendations for improvement of the products vibration and shock resistance and consultation on the most economical method to solve the problem, if one exists.

  Besides military conduction-cooled aircraft certified and rugged air-cooled boards, and enclosures, Duval Research performs design and analysis on the complete system.  This includes design of testing fixtures and methods for shock, vibration and dwell tests.

  Below is an example of a conduction-cooled enclosure which is resonating evenly throughout the structure for minimal weight design.

Shock / Vibration solutions & analysis

Rugged and Military electrical and optical systems should investigate ruggedization techniques early in the design process.

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