Duval Research Inc. provides start to finish analysis and design for cooling your electronic equipment. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used extensively to simulate air flow in your system and then an off the shelf heatsink solution will be determined to fit your cost, quality and manufacturing requirements.

  Conduction-Cooled military and severe environment  VME and other high powered computer cards are another area in which we provide solutions.  We have designed and performed, simulated and tested boards and their enclosures that are used in submarines (depth charge survivability), locomotives (high vibration, temp. and oily), helicopters (high resonant vibration), and others.

Thermal analysis and cooling

Thermal modeling is most effective when started early on to be integrated into the rest  of the system rather than adapting to a failed design.

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Mechanical Solutions for Severe environment Electronic and Optical products

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Airflow through a rack mounted computer showing "dead" zones"

Full 6KW computer system forced air FEA model.  These simulations provide basis for processor and other high-powered components

Air-cooled computer board's custom heatsink.  A Copper spreader plate is mounted between custom extruded aluminum heatsink and multiple processors.