The laboratory in his set up for small quantity thermal and electrical testing. .

Machine Shop:  Full metal working, prototyping machine shop.  Metal lather 12"x40", milling machine, drill press, cutoff saw, stick and spot welders and all the support equipment for a standard prototype shop.  This includes: full complement of measurement equipment, material stock, machinery tooling, benches, grinders, and other support apperatus.

Optical Lab: 4' x 1 1/2' optical breadboard and large number and variety of optical holders and mounts for breadboard.  Full compliment of prototype lenses, prisms, beam splitters, filters and other optical components useful for prototyping and testing.    Optically we specialize in the design of Head Mounted Displays and medical laparoscopes and have several of each along with many subcomponents for design and testing of future items

Electronics & test lab:  Standard electronics laboratory equipment and supplies are in the Electronics laboratory, this includes Tektronic's Oscilloscope, HP pulse generator and timers, various power supplies, multiple input digital temperature sampling and trackers.  Normal prototyping and board reworking solder station and supplies are, of course located here too.

Computer Support:  Several computers from 1.6 to 2.6 gigahertz and 512meg+ machines are used for the design and FEA of the various projects.  Various FEA software along with custom software is used for the design and analysis.

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